Vertical Segment

The service for completing your clients’ connectivity supply

The offer permits linking the Operator’s network in the terminal segment of the FiberCop network, including the building wiring, up to the client connector, inside the property unit.

Service characteristics

  • Connections available for any ultra broadband network technology (FTTH – FTTC – FTTE – FTTB)

  • Cabling and maintenance included in the service

Who it is intended for

The access offer to the Terminal (or vertical) Segment is focussed on all the Operators requiring linking to the terminal segment of their network to the home of the final Client.

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The Termination (or Vertical) Segment is an access service to the FiberCop network and allows the Operators to complete their own network for the ultra broadband technologies, used in the secondary access network.
The service envisages the Operator leasing the Vertical Segment in order to connect a distribution point on the building to which the Operator’s network is terminated, in a vertical section (building riser), with the client’s connection, positioned inside the final client’s property unit.

The connection can be made with a single fibre cable, or by using the fibre optic of a multifibre cable, in the event of buildings with a pre-cabled riser ready to reach the property units through a special distribution box.
In the event of using a single fibre cable, a direct connection is made from the building termination point of the Operator’s FTTH network to the final client’s connector, positioned inside the property unit.

If the buildings riser has already been pre-cabled with a multifibre cable, a junction box is positioned on each individual floor that allows all the property units and the relevant final clients of the floor to be potentially reached; in this case the connection between building termination point of the Operator’s FTTH network and the client’s connector is made using one of the optic fibres of the multifibre cable and a direct connection with the single fibre cable of the junction box to the client’s connector.

The Terminal Segment Service may be requested by the Operator on a specific need and it does not involve any commitment by the Operator, but only the monthly payment of a fee and the payment of the other cost items envisaged.

For further details on the service and the subscription methods, please see the Reference Offer.

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