Optical Fiber for Backhauling

The offer for those wanting to broaden their own network

Through the Backhaul link, FiberCop offers the Operators one or more pairs of fibre optic cables that connect a Peripheral Delivery Point (for example a Base Radio Station) to an Operator delivery Point, where the interconnection with the Operator’s network occurs.

Service characteristics

  • Guarantee of maximum performances, with capacities up to 100Gbps, excellent reliability and fixed latency

  • Availability of protecting the connection with physical diversification of the network location

  • Delivering the service to the operator at a station level or on the road

Who it is intended for

We offer the Telecommunications Operators high capacity network infrastructures to allow them to construct commercial services and offers to propose to their final consumers.

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The fibre optic Backhaul Link service involves supplying links consisting of pairs of fibre optic cables that connect a Peripheral Delivery Point (such as a Base Mobile Radio Station) to an Operator Delivery Point, where the interconnection with the Operator’s network occurs.

The delivery of the backhaul link to the Operator may be performed in different ways according to the context of the network and to the needs of the Operator itself:

■ At the Peripheral Delivery Point (mobile radio station or other):

  • terminating the connection in a special optical connection;
  • By installing a MOC, Compact Optical Module, for terminating the connection;
  • directly to the optical connector in which the Operator equipment is inserted.


■ At the Operator Delivery Point:

  • on street level at the CNO (Optic Node Centre) or CRO (Fibre Optic Cross Connect Cabinet) in the presence of the FTTH network or at the copper network cabinet if the FTTH optical network has not been developed;
  • inside the Station in which the Operator is already present, prior to indicating the spaces and/or equipment at their disposal; in this case FiberCop will also make the connection between the secondary network and the primary network in relation to the Operator’s need.


The Operator may request different types of link:

  • one or more pairs of fibre optic cables in a single path, or on the same network location;
  • one or more pairs of fibre optic cables with different locations (the peripheral area is reached from the Operator Delivery Point through several network locations not overlying each other).

In general, the request of the Operator will be subject to a suitable Feasibility Study to assess the method of connection, even by making a special excavation to provide the requested service.

FiberCop is responsible for all the activities necessary for making the connection on public land, including the permit requests to the Competent authorities. The Operator is responsible for preparing the infrastructures to take the fibre optic cable from the last manhole of the FiberCop network present on public land, to inside the private property at the Termination Point.
As an additional service, there is the possibility of asking FiberCop to also carry out work inside private property, by means of joint definition with a special inspection of the works to perform at the Termination Point.


The fibre optic Backhaul link services illustrated above are characterised by a high level of customisation of the infrastructure. On the basis of this consideration, any request of this kind will be examined by FiberCop, in terms of effective feasibility (Feasibility Study), whose outcome will be communicated to the Operator, through the special commercial structures.

The requests must arrive in accordance with the manners indicated by the FiberCop commercial structure.

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