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Fibre has never been so accessible

We address our services to the Operators of the Telecommunications and Media sector so that they can construct services for the final clients using the FiberCop fibre network.


We provide authorised Operators with access services to their own passive Secondary Network in copper and fibre optic.

Check out all advantages of becoming a FiberCop partner

Reliability and transparency

The basis of every relationship is trust


We offer our structure extended throughout the domestic territory


We provide tailored business solutions for your company


Access advantageous prices by subscribing to our
co-investment offer

Becoming a FiberCop partner is simple:

  1. Fill in the form and indicate the service you are interested in
  2. Contact our Sales Team
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Monitor your activity from your Reserved Area



Are you already an Authorised Operator for telecommunications (OAO)?

  • If you are an authorised operator and you wish to become a FiberCop client, fill in the form specifying your needs, you will be contacted by our Sales Team.
  • If you are NOT an authorised operator, consult the website of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and find out how to become one

Fill in the form and contact our Sales Team

Partner operators