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The service allows the Operator to acquire the indefeasible rights of use (IRU) on the local deployment infrastructures in secondary access network at the conditions envisaged by the Reference Offer currently in force.

The offer of Access does not only regulate the Local deployment infrastructures, but all the secondary access networks that envisage transferring the IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) to the Operator, with a scalable time frame of 5/10/15/20 years, in detail:

  • Pipes / Minipipes for Local Deployment infrastructure Section;
  • Minipipe for Conveyance Section;
  • Cable positions for Overhead Deployment Infrastructure Section, either on pylons or on the façade of the building, on a suspension cable.

Service characteristics

  • Efficiency on the excavation costs and on the realisation times compared to the independent infrastructure

  • Routine maintenance included in the service

  • The laying of the minipipes may be carried out by FiberCop or by the Operator

Who it is intended for

The service is dedicated to the Operators interested in developing new ultra broadband communication networks.

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FiberCop offers access to the Local Deployment Infrastructures, throughout the domestic territory.
The Operator may use the FiberCop local access network, or complete its own one, without having to create new infrastructures, with the advantage of obtaining an important reduction of the time and costs necessary for excavating.


The service envisages the IRU leasing of minipipes suitable for laying a cable for Local Deployment infrastructure section.
The Local Deployment infrastructures available for the Operators are the following:

  • minipipe in existing cable duct with pressure joints;
  • minipipe, directly buried or positioned inside a pipe or a three-pipe, including pressure joints.

In both cases, the Operator is permitted to access the Fibercop manholes/chambers crossed by the infrastructure granted to carry out the operations of laying their own fibre optic cable.
The service is offered inclusive of routine maintenance that guarantees the upkeep and efficiency of the infrastructure. Extraordinary maintenance is not included in the service and, if necessary, is managed by project.


The infrastructural services are supplied by FiberCop, on an individual project basis and the Operator must send FiberCop a prior request for a Feasibility Study (SdF) for any specific need.

For further details on the service and the subscription method, please see the Reference Offer on our website www.fibercop.it.

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