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Gruppo TIM

Ultra broadband where you need

The Full-GPON service, foresees the delivery of the passive link at the exchange level, where the OLT (Optical Line Termination) is located.

FiberCop’s Full-GPON service integrates the Primary Optical Fiber and the Semi-GPON network, to deliver a UBB FTTH link to the Operator’s end customer; the service to the Operator is delivered at the Central level.

Features of the service

FTTH Coverage

The list of optical closets in available and planned statuses is available at the link: Active and Planned FTTH Coverage (Interconnection Points and Status)


2580 municipalities

will be covered by 2026 in black and gray areas

Who it's for

The offer is addressed to Telecommunication/Media Operators with optimized presence in the territories where we operate.

The adhesion also contemplates the possible access to the Co-investment Offer, the largest European project open to all operators who want to participate in the realization of the secondary fiber access network.

Preparatory services

Operators interested in the offer will need to connect their network directly at colocation points.

Access services