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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is ideally situated upstream of the entire system of corporate governance and represents our charter of values, founding, in programmatic terms, the body of principles that inspire our actions for an ethically oriented business conduct, that is transparent, correct and loyal. The Code of Ethics, which has been progressively adopted by all the Group’s entities, indicates, in particular, the following.

The Code of Ethics, which has been progressively adopted by all the companies in the Group, indicates, in particular, the values guiding the company’s activities with regard to its recipients: the members of the corporate bodies, the management, and the employees of all the Group companies. Compliance with the Code must also be guaranteed by external collaborators and, where provided for by the company’s procedural system, by third parties in business relations with the Group.

Like all the Company’s governance tools, the Code of Ethics is subject to continuous verification and comparison with the evolution of the regulatory framework, operating practices and markets, also taking into account the feedback provided by the monitoring carried out by the Group’s Control Governance functions.

The current version, updated on 3 October 2013, provides for the adoption of a new graphic presentation, the overall simplification of the text with a reference to the Group’s reference values at the beginning.

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