Local Councils and Public Administrations

FiberCop is implementing a major roll-out plan of ultra-fast fiber-optic network over a very significant number of Italian municipalities



The plan is consistent with the requirements expressed by the European Commission about the quality of Public Administration in its 192 territories:

  • consolidate the digitalization of the Public Administration, making sites more accessible and content more usable
  • enable the communication among public databases in order to avoid the duplication of requests
  • allow users to fill in electronically applications

Areas undergoing FTTH coverage

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Despite being a wholesale-only operator, Fibercop, through its plan, wants to support the digital development plan of local administrations, in a logic of partnership and support.

Many realities at local level require the activation of ultra-broadband for the improvement of services to users and the speeding up of work and Fibercop stands by their side.

A digitized local government, in all its ramifications (Education, Health, Delivery services to citizens, etc.) benefits significantly in economic and organizational terms, but above all benefits the entire community to which that administration is addressed.

For this and many other reasons, Fibercop will always take care of the needs of the communities in which it will have to operate in the coming years.


Fiber optics is a new generation technology that transmits data at very high speed, offering many advantages:

  • high download speed, to download even very huge files in a very short time
  • high upload speed, to send, for example, large attachments without having to compress files or other methods
  • stability and speed for meeting & streaming video platforms, but also any other streaming content without annoying pauses and with an excellent resolution and high reliability to ensure exceptional performance in services now used daily, such as distant learning and smart working

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