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FiberCop is a Wholesale-only Operator that provides authorized Operators with access services to its Passive Secondary Network, in copper and fiber. Fibercop does not offer services to the public, but addresses Telco and Media Operators so that they can build services for their end customers, through FiberCop’s services.


Fibercop’s offer to operators is also based on the model of “open” co-investment and represents the first case of this kind in Europe on a national scale.

The co-investment model refers only to the secondary network in FTTH.

The application of the new provisions of the Code will make it possible to encourage investment in fiber and accelerate the transition of households and businesses from the legacy copper network to the new infrastructure.

The co-investment offer concerns about 75% of the real estate units in the gray and black areas of the country and provides for the supply of wholesale access services to the Ftth network that can be used by operators with different technical solutions. The project is addressed to all market operators. The fiber network architecture that will be adopted is aimed at reconciling the objectives of efficiency and promotion of infrastructural competition between operators, simplifying, moreover, the migration processes of retail customers between different suppliers. Interested operators will be able to adhere to the co-investment also on geographical extensions of the territory more limited than the entire project also at the level of single municipality. In any case, the co-investment methods guarantee the widest possible possibility of participation by operators with different degrees of infrastructure or with different infrastructures in different geographical areas, including local operators.

TIM’s co-investment offer in FiberCop’s new fibre network (download).

Offer details

Infrastructure services: these are access to pipes, mini-pipes and piling sections of the FiberCop network, which are available on the Italian territory to bind peripheral locations (of user or equipment) to upstream delivery nodes.

Copper and fiber access services: these are services of binding of end customers through passive solutions in copper or fiber, to allow the provision by the Operator for telephonic or data broadband and ultra-broadband (UltraBroadBand, UBB) services.

Premium fiber services: these are point-to-point passive copper or fiber optic connectivity solutions, with possible protection and route diversification, which allow the offering of dedicated bandwidth connectivity services with high levels of network availability and security.

These services are offered on the FiberCop network perimeter, which is shown in the figure.


Access Services

With the Semi-GPON Service you can offer UBB access to your customers by connecting to our GPON FTTH optical network. FIND MORE
With the Full-GPON Service, you can offer UBB access to your customers by connecting to our GPON FTTH optical network at headquarters, with a primary optical network extension provided by us. FIND MORE
With access to the Vertical Terminating Segment you can connect your customers to your secondary optical network with UBB access, connecting to our office at the network termination building. FIND MORE

Premium services

The service consists in transferring in IRU mode single optical fibers in secondary optical network, terminated at a building termination point (PTE). FIND MORE
The service allows to connect your mobile or wireless antennas to your network, through our pairs of dedicated fiber optics in secondary access network, with possible extension in primary network. FIND MORE
The service consists in the supply of dedicated optical point-to-point connections in secondary network, by which you can offer your customers high quality connectivity services up to their premises; the extension in primary access network is provided if needed. FIND MORE


The Offer provides the transferring in IRU of underground Mini pipes in Secondary Network, in order to lay at your expense network cables of your property. FIND MORE
The Offer provides for the sale in IRU of one Mini pipe per Intake Section that connects the network in the public area with the network in the private area of the termination building. FIND MORE
The Offer provides for the assignment in IRU of a Cable Position on Overhead Laying Infrastructure, either in piling or on building facades, on supporting rope. FIND MORE

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