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High speed network infrastructures to help your business grow

We offer the telecommunications Operators high capacity network infrastructures to allow them to construct commercial services and offers to propose to the final consumers.

The FTTH networks are created with GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) technology, entirely in fibre optics in the secondary section, with maximum performance of 1 Gbps in download.

  • High capacity access services

    With the high capacity access services, the Operators can purchase passive fibre optic solutions (FTTH) to offer the final customer ultra broadband voice and data services.

  • Dedicated access services

    With dedicated access services, we propose point-to-point passive connectivity solutions that allow dedicated connectivity with high levels of network availability and security to be guaranteed.

  • Infrastructural services

    With infrastructural services we can access pipes, minipipes and overhead sections of our network, that are present throughout the Italian territory to connect the user or equipment stations to upstream delivery nodes.

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The final clients that use the FiberCop fibre network.

The citizens and professionals can contact their own Operator who is a FiberCop partner, in order to use the ultrafast connectivity services. With our high capacity fibre optic network we bring fibre straight to the houses and offices of our customers by connecting the houses to the networks of our partners.

Our company would like to support joint property managers who have an advanced vision of urban development and share the national and European request to make nearly-zero energy buildings with very high energy efficiency class.

We aim to contribute actively to urban and property regeneration by wiring buildings, free of charge, through specific means aimed at reducing the consumption of primary energy and CO2 emissions. The connection of the buildings to the fibre optic network actually increases the value of the building too.

New settings and new management models of the condo buildings are developing the Italian real estate assets also in view of the Smart City.

The technological and digital innovation of the Country is fundamental for the economic and social development of the individual territories. In this context, FiberCop intends to guarantee high performance connectivity services to each individual production unit, with particular attention to the themes of environmental sustainability.

Through the FiberCop infrastructures, the Business Clients can avail of stable, secure and ultrafast connectivity services with the purpose of favouring the development of every market requiring advanced and technologically state-of-the-art digital instruments.

An increasing number of local businesses are requesting high speed connections to improve the services to the users and to optimise the work.

A local administration, whatever the application environment (Education, Health, Providing services to the citizen, etc.), if digitalised, can have several benefits, both economic and organisational, and in particular the positive effects can have a beneficial effect on the citizens who use the services.


Our company’s plan intends to support the digital development of the local administrations in a spirit of partnership and reciprocal support.


The FiberCop development plan is functional to satisfying the needs expressed by the European Commission on the quality of the Public Administration in the 192 territories it is made up of:

  • to consolidate the computerisation of the Public Administration, making the websites more accessible and the content more usable;
  • to enable the public databases to communicate with one another to avoid duplicating requests;
  • to allow the user to fill in claims exclusively online.
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