Our Mission and Vision

We empower the Country for the digital revolution


We are creating the network of the future for the digital development of Italy by connecting people, enterprises and institutions.


We intend to create an entirely fibre network that allows the dissemination of digital services with ultrafast connections, supporting the development of the enterprises and improving the quality of life of the citizens, contributing to the growth of the local economy and of the Country.


FTTH connections promote the growth of the digital culture with innovative and customised services, through low environmental impact sustainable technologies and with a more accessible and reliable network.

Our objectives


To offer high speed and technologically advanced solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs as far as possible

Digital development

To promote the growth of the digital culture in a simple and inclusive manner so that everybody can contribute equally to the development of the Country


To guarantee respect of the environment and of people by adopting innovative high-performance and low environmental impact technologies